Vocational Training & Job Search

Job Skills Program 

Join the Job Skills classes for men and women in support of finding a job or a better job for your future. This program is open to all native patients and their family (including non-native). Two classes are offered: HOME MAINTENANCE and REPAIR, (or) OFFICE PRACTICES and SKILLS.  For more information please contact Pat Hubbard, (707) 263-8382 ext. 1303.

Download Job Skills flyer.pdf


Our Promise to You

We are dedicated to our patients.

We can work with virtually any insurance so you get every benefit possible.

We always recommend the same treatment that we would for our own family members; this ensures that you understand your options and that you receive efficient high quality medical care.

Lake County Tribal Health provides primary medical care for all of your chronic medical needs such as diabetes, high blood pressure, etc. as well as treatment for acute illness and injuries.

We also provide ongoing continuing care through child exams, immunizations, health education, annual screening exams, and much more.