LCTHC Donates to Local Law Enforcement Agencies

Friday, January 29, 2021


Lake County Chamber of Commerce release


In the event of an accident or emergency, a matter of seconds can make the difference between a life or death outcome. We know that many times our Law Enforcement officers are first on the scene at these events, and without advanced first aid equipment are limited in the life saving efforts they can administer. Lake County Tribal Health (LCTHC) first became aware of the need of Automated External Defibrillators (AED’s) amongst our community’s Law Enforcement Agencies through the County’s Sheriffs Office late last year. LCTHC then donated $6,500 to the Sheriffs Office for the purchase of 5 AED’s to be placed in patrol units and used in the field. LCTHC and its Board of Directors decided to extend the same donation offer to all of our County’s Law Enforcement Agencies. As a result, the Lakeport and Clearlake Police Departments will also be receiving a $6,500 donation for the purchase of AED units. As the only comprehensive Health Care Program in the County owned and operated by Lake County Residents FOR Lake County Residents, we take pride in participating and leading in efforts that benefit the Community as a whole regardless of whether they are our patients or not. In times of Pandemic and Government Budget Cuts, LCTHC believes in giving back to the Community that has afforded our success.