Physical Therapy

Our Lake County Tribal Health Physical Therapy Department specializes in treating patients with orthopedic injuries, chronic pain, gait disturbances, and balance deficits. By focusing on a patient-centered approach, we strive to learn and understand what factors may be inhibiting an individual's quality of life. Our Physical Therapist evaluates and treats a patient's movement dysfunction that may lead to pain or injury by addressing core impairments.


How can physical therapy help if you have acute or chronic pain? With assistance from our Comprehensive Pain Management team, our Physical Therapist will be in direct communication with Doctors, Nurses, Psychologists, and other allied healthcare professionals to provide the best course of treatment for every individual patient. Ultimately, our goal is to help patients decrease fear in movement with empowerment  and educating them about their condition, and giving them the tools to restore their normal function through mobility, strength, coordination, balance, and conditioning activities.


Hours of Operation

Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday from 9am-5pm



Our Promise to You

We are dedicated to our patients.

We always recommend the same treatment that we would for our own family members; this ensures that you understand your options and that you receive efficient high quality medical care.

Lake County Tribal Health provides primary medical care for all of your chronic medical needs such as diabetes, high blood pressure, etc. as well as treatment for acute illness and injuries.

We also provide ongoing continuing care through child exams, immunizations, health education, annual screening exams, and much more.